Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Mirror Image

Part 1:

Xavier: (Grumbling in bed)

Damn these French windows and damn the person who invented them in the first place. Windows and curtains are made to shield people from the Sun but these ridiculous idiots… (Pause)

(Inaudible whining)
 Waking me up at this unearthly hour, I don’t have nothing to do. And as usual I’ll be the first one to reach the office. No one has this sense of responsibility anymore in life. Well, on the sunny side, yesterday wasn’t too bad at all…hope today isn’t any worse.

Hell, it’s just six in the morning…these shops open late as well…and losing those goons shadowing me vividly at this hour is horrible. But what should I do? I can’t sleep no more nor am I awake enough to brainstorm about today’s task.
(Long pause and faint snore heard)
(Sudden thud and a muffled scream heard)

Holy Mother of God!! Is it 7 already?! No it isn’t Xavi boy, it’s just six ten. Why doesn’t time go fast when it’s supposed to and the reverse? That ride with Ms Sally seemed to last like ten seconds when it should have lasted for like an hour!! And now…I’m dozing for an hour and it’s just ten damn minutes. Chuck it Xavi, let’s go and get ready. Some work won’t make you slim.

Aww, this horrible color…brown!! And that too today!! My day is bad and horrible. So is my job and so is my life. Who do I work for (pause) - a company which makes people pay for their own safety and gives them not even a penny in return. And I’m just a cheater who tricks them into buying these policies. But it’s righteous, aint it? Even I’ve to earn my living…and I’m no con, I’m an artist who can persuade people.

Let’s clean them shoes, them too dirty for an artist. Chuck it, I’m wearing them this way.


Wow, this view is awesome. I should make sure to visit this place whenever I’m free. (Pause)

Today was tiring…I hope I complete my objectives as soon as possible. Boss Jones is kinda funny…he told me to come early and then himself appeared an hour late. I guess he’s got something on with his secretary…that evil fella. Hope he doesn’t get caught, or else who will pay me; I need to earn my living!!

That ugly tramp I sold my first policy to today, was so ugly. He didn’t even know to sign his name!! Hope Jonesy doesn’t come to know of my little secret or I’ll be damned. That two-bit manager doesn’t know nothing about the real insurance world; and trying to argue with the God of that world. I should have told him what happened with that obese Negro. Bloody hippopotamus. Selling her that health insurance after she kicked me in the butt was exceptional. Jones couldn’t do something like that even if he tried for his whole lifetime.

That greasy bureaucrat would have gotten himself beaten twice!! First for entering her compound like I did, and again for shouting and screaming at that buffalo. Good thing I held my composure, and calmed her down. Hope I don’t get no tough nuts tomorrow.

Ohh these trains are so damn slow. But kinda good…at least I can admire and enjoy the view. These people talk too much, don’t they? Naa…this buzzing is a break from Jones’ lectures and the silence at home. Why doesn’t Sally shift home with me? We both need the company and we could help each other out in many ways!! I should have this talk with her, and sooner the better. I’m pushing thirty-five and I don’t have no friends as well. All I have is this con job- not con Xavi, you are an artist, a full-fledged artist. Boy, you are getting old!! Forgetting everything these days, aren’t you??

Shit!! I forgot those potatoes again!! Now what the hell will I cook up tonight?? Xavi boy, find someone to take care of you…or you’ll end up forgetting your own name one day!!

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